Training Team

“An unforgettable experience that will have a lasting impact on my future.”

Here at Yorkshire Camps we’re not just about doing great camps for under 18’s. We’re about growing disciples and building the church! We want to invest in young people beyond those who come to camp. The Training Team offers 18-23 year olds the chance to join us for a year.

Want to see the next generation won for Christ?

Developing Godly leaders by training and equipping them as they serve on camps. 

Are you aged 18-23 and interested in a Christian gap year experience that will help you grow in your faith and equip you with skills and training for life?

Consider joining us at Yorkshire Camps. We’re a Christian residential centre for children aged 8 – 18 who come on our 2 or 3 night camps. Based in the Yorkshire Dales, our centre provides a range of outdoor activities that allow you to explore God’s creation while building meaningful relationship with the children and young people. As a member of our team, you will be part of a community dedicated to sharing the love of Christ and living out His teachings. You will have the chance to learn from experience leads who have dedicated their lives to serving God through gospel ministry. If you are seeking a gap year experience that will challenge you spiritually and allow you to grow in your faith, join us at Yorkshire Camps.

No two weeks on Training Team are the same. As well as receiving training and guidance on living for Jesus and sharing the gospel effectively, you will be able to join a weekly Ministry Training Course run by the North West Gospel Partnership. We also spend a good deal of time in planning and preparing for upcoming camps and ensuring the hall and grounds are in good order to welcome people to the site.

You will…

  • Live and work at Netherside Hall, our magnificent home in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.
  • Deliver amazing holidays and share the glorious good news of Jesus.
  • Discover gifts you didn’t know you had! We will help you discover and refine your gifts over the year.
  • Grow in understanding of God’s Word. As part of your year with us, you will attend the North West
  • Partnership Bible training course each week. You will also have a one to one who will meet with you regularly to help you grow as a Christian.
  • Receive specific children’s and youth training which will set you up for a lifetime of ministry wherever the Lord leads you.
  • Serve as part of a small army developing the building and 30 acre site.
  • Have a lasting impact in your future creating memories to last a lifetime!

While you’re here serving us, we’ll serve you; training, teaching, encouraging and equipping you right throughout the year. And then releasing you back to apply those lessons in ‘normal life’ .
God could use a year on the Training Team to change your life, as well as impacting the local church long into the future. We’re excited to be part of that process. Are you?

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